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Increase your Conversion Rate by up to 5% (or more)

with Pre-Checkout Scarcity

no coding required
Easy to set up

A full customizable waiting-like banner will be displayed when your visitors want to go to checkout to keep them excited with their cart added products. Let them swim with the crowd to get impulse buys without abandoned checkouts.

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Be one of the first to use this new and smart scarcity tactic to drive up demand and sales for an affordable price that will pay off on the first day of using the app. Try it free, today!

Merchants love our app!

This app is simply genius. Whole nother level of scarcity and urgency!


It really works and increased my conversion rate by 3% at the first day.


Pretty innovative and different compared to usual countdown timers.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Works in the background by creating a Shopify ScriptTag without touching your theme files. Mimics a queue before checkout so that visitors place a higher value on your products.

Why choose Salesqueue?

It's tested and proven on several of our own and business partners stores that this app increases the conversion rate by up to 5% or more which depends on your store and offer.

What about compatibility?

Works with every free and paid Shopify theme for the dynamic checkout button and all checkout buttons on a cart drawer or cart page. Applies to all browsers on mobile and desktop.